Thinkways is an independent educational organisation which provides school holiday and after school activities for inquisitive children in Perth, Western Australia.

April School Holiday workshops have just been completed.
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About Us

Thinkways is an independent educational organisation. It provides educational programs for inquisitive children in Perth, Western Australia. The program allows children to collaborate and work together with like minded peers in an enriching, challenging and engaging environment.

The program aims to:

  • Nurture children’s unique interests and abilities by providing stimulating programs that open them up to new ideas and experiences.
  • Support children to develop a growth mindset by praising the process, practice and hard work that allows achievement of true potential.
  • Encourage intellectual risk taking and embrace failures as a part of the learning process.

The workshops are run by fully qualified, registered teachers with over 10 years experience in delivering specialised gifted and talented educational programs who are assisted by experts in their field.

Workshops are held in school holidays at various  locations in the Perth area including community centres and schools.

After School

After school Thinkways workshops cater for students who want to extend themselves in exciting and unique learning opportunities which develop their creativity, problem solving and collaboration skills within their own school environment.

To enrol in these workshops, you will require a password which can be obtained from your school. See what programs are on offer below.

Term 2, 2019


All parents of enrolled students will have direct contact numbers of the teachers in charge of the workshops. If you have a general query, please send us a message below and we’ll respond as soon as possible.


About Us     

Thinkways is an educational organisation based in Perth, Western Australia.